Gym and Spa Management- Do You Have What it Takes?

Working in Gym and Spa Management– Do You Have What it Takes?

Working in the fitness and health industry can be one of the most exciting and rewarding industries for yourself.  Being around individuals who share the same passion for health, exercise and motivating people to be the best versions of themselves is what makes the industry so exciting and inviting for all.  Possessing an interest in holistic health approaches, mental health and physical shape is the first step in determining if the gym and spa management industry is right for you.

 “Whatever your age, the leisure sector offers a whole host of exciting career opportunities – it is a dynamic, creative and extremely rewarding industry to be a part of,” 

-Nigel Wallace, Lifetime, a training provider

Anyone can find their place in the fitness and health industry, regardless of age, sex and background.  Membership advisors and centre managers are just as much needed as is personal trainers and lifeguards.  For someone looking to make career switches, this industry is much more accepting and welcoming as attitude and willingness to learn takes prospective individuals a much longer way.  Those attending spas for example are looking to improve their lives and are interested in connecting with individuals who can relate to this mindset.  Having a keen interest in motivating yourself to become healthier in both the mind and body will embodying a positive framework will take you a long way! As the fitness industry embraces wellness concepts such as mental training, mindful movement and holistic programming, now more than ever the spa world offers viable career opportunities. Why? One reason is that it has long embraced these same healthy goals. The fitness professional who is curious about employment in the spa industry must take methodical steps toward discovering whether or not this specialty field is a good fit.

Points to consider if you are thinking about giving the Gym and Spa Management industry a shot

Try and learn as much as you about fitness and wellness.  Understanding what is important to the clients you would be dealing with face-to-face is what will help you in determining if this is the right industry for you. If you do not have any formal fitness or spa experience, consider joining a sport once a week and start a conversation with your trainer to learn more about their experiences.  Your passion and drive will definitely shine through, genuine interest and efforts do not go unnoticed in this industry!  Most importantly, practice what you preach!  When working for a credible gym and spa management, you will want to make sure that you bring honesty, dedication and and passion to work with you everyday. Your attitude and work ethic is the face of the company!

3 tips to determine if a career in Gym and Spa Management is for you:

  1. Consult friends and their experience at their gyms. What makes them want to come back? How are the staff that they are dealing with like?
  2. Talk to personal trainers and fitness memebership advisors directly about their experience in the fitness and wellness industry. Get a feel for the personalities and people involved!
  3. Read! Read! Read! Educate yourself with online testimonals, statistics with regards to the growing industry and how team players in the health and fitness realm contribute to improving people’s lives.

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