Residential and Apartment Buildings

Residential Apartment Buildings:

  • The UK’s rental sector is made up of “Build To Buy” (Buy To Let) or “Build To Rent” (Private Rental Sector) properties
  • The Build To Buy Sector is the most familiar face of the UK tenancy experience. It includes single property or a handful of properties owned by part-time, individual landlords
  • The Build To Rent (Private Rental) Sector in the UK already operates and is recognised in Germany and the USA. This sector includes professionally run, large purpose-built flats typically backed by insurance companies and pension funds. Build To Rent currently occupies around 10% of the new housing supply
  • Once the Build To Rent Sector expands in the UK, they will offer services such as WiFi, Onsite Gyms, and storage, more suited to corporate dwellings

Private gyms and spas are now the norm in residential buildings, enabling the developer, to achieve high returns:

We provide:

  • Hands on design support to your designers and technical team
  • Concept and brief design
  • Operational flow facility plans to enhance the end user’s experience
  • Block sketch spa and gym plans
  • Gym equipment plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Budget advise and all define of all staffing roles
  • Sales and programming for profit with profit share options back into the estate
  • The re-assurance of health and safety and insurance advice and cover

RCH is a tried and tested, very experienced consultant with a long list of very satisfied top developers as clients.

We provide an exclusive inspirational and lifestyle choice for your residents. Facilities which work to your advantage as your enticing luxury sales tool providing added value to your properties and allowing your inhabitants a greater well-being and lifestyle.

Our aim is to create a facility that will make a lasting impression and will operate to its optimum. RCH will create your new residential gym, spa or residents’ ‘club’ from a detailed and comprehensive design or will just enhance the refit of your existing facility.