Interior Designers

Interior Designers:

We provide full operational information and detailing to interior designers for gym and spa development.  These include health clubs, corporate gyms, residential gyms, spas and hotel gyms and spas.

RCH provides:

  • The operating concept
  • All key area adjacencies
  • The schedule and sizing of each space

This in turn will bring a unique individuality to the gym or spa to appeal to the particular target markets; encourage operational profit as well as provide enhanced value to the project as a whole.

The operational concept will help to define the specific character of the spa and gym. Its’ USP’s will help to determine the guest experience, and service mix in order to define the design.

RCH will establish the initial aspects of risk control and health and safety when managing these facilities, establishing good practice guidelines and experience led recommendations.

The above requires specialist knowledge and detailed operational information; rest assured you are in safe hands.