Corporate Gyms

Our aim is to create a facility that will make a lasting impression and will operate to its optimum. RCH will create your new corporate facility from a detailed and comprehensive design or will just enhance the refit of your existing facility.

On-Site Corporate Gyms:

It is estimated that 13 million work days per year are missed due to stress related illnesses. Exercise is a proven way to reduce stress as well as enchasing strength and endurance reducing back and joint pain. Our corporate gyms have up to 65% take up rate by employees.

We have detailed working knowledge of corporate gyms with over 12 years’ experience of designing, supplying and staffing them. We also supply all fitness and wellness programming. Sizing and layout makes all the difference to create the environment required for you staff. RCH will also supply the specific operational expertise ensuring you meet with up to date health and safety information long term.