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Welcome To The Bow Quarter Power House


Welcome To The Bow Quarter Power House

The Educated Body spa and fitness team provides group ex classes, one-on-one fitness, personal training, swimming lessons, events, beauty and wellbeing services enhanced with the Educated Body wellbeing app.

We provide you with the opportunity to tap into our ‘at-home’ wellbeing and mindfulness services to complement your busy life; making long-lasting improvements to your wellbeing through our education and coaching programmes.

Each new resident needs to attend a group gym induction by our onsite trainer before being allowed to use the Power House.

Our Philosophy

Wellbeing and good health are the foundation to living better and longer. It’s not just about being active, it’s about being healthy and vibrant in all areas of your life; whether it’s physical, nutritional, social or emotional. Education and coaching are core to our ethos: seek ways to nurture your body and mind, keep challenging yourself and learning.

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Educated Body wellbeing programmes can change lives. They are designed to coach and educate. They are designed for life.

Complementary Services

INDUCTION (50 minutes)

Each resident is required to be inducted before using the gym and spa. Please book in for your complimentary induction.

PROFILE (25 minutes)

We’ll run benchmarking assessments, review where you are now and where you want to be, and prepare your bespoke fitness and wellbeing
plan with you.

PRESCRIBE (25 minutes)

Our prescriptive programming plans will be personal to you. Access it on the app to help keep you on track wherever you are in the world.

NOURISH (25 minutes)

Work with one of our team to help you make the right nutritional choices and achieve your goal.


Enjoy a complimentary personal training session.